As I sit here in

As I sit here in my office in Amsterdam this Friday afternoon, my first random blog thought emerges. If the temperature here this afternoon is around +4 degrees Celsius, why is the water in the Prinsengracht outside still frozen?

Developed a real stinker

Developed a real stinker of a cold over the weekend. So my plans to muse a while and write something isn’t going to work today. The first cold this year. Nothing to do with the Amsterdam weather (cold and miserable outside right now), more to do with sitting in an aircraft last Thursday night with […]

Four days before Christmas

Four days before Christmas and maybe a good moment to jot down some thoughts. Well, not because it’s four days before Christmas, but it’s a good moment! It’s Saturday, cold outside and nice and toasty inside. My musings so far haven’t mentioned anything about what I do for a living, so anyone visiting my blog […]

Bizarre and yet funny

Bizarre and yet funny, sort of. A ship called the Tricolor sinks in the English Channel in mid December following a collision with another cargo ship. No crew hurt, all rescued safely. A week later, another ship crashes into the wreck in thick fog. The wreck site hadn’t yet been fully marked out to warn […]

Life change philosophy

How often does anyone go through a life-changing experience? I suppose it depends on who you ask and what their particular circumstances are. I’m about to go through one, one that’s a forced change due to changing work circumstances. It’s a situation that’s familiar to more people these days – I will soon be on […]

LinkedIn looks promising

About a month ago, I joined LinkedIn, the latest service to hit the web to offer a way of networking together people who know each other. Unlike those networks which offer a social-only structure – almost a kind of online speed dating system – LinkedIn is geared to business networking. Recently, I seem to be […]

Doom 3 soon!

Hold the front page! Following the great news that Doom 3 will be out in early August comes news that a demo will soon be available for download. More here – WORTHPLAYING – – All about games !

Global PR Blog Week 1.0

An interesting, perhaps even seminal, online event has been taking place this week – the first global PR blog event.   As described on the website “The Global PR Blog Week 1.0 is an online event that will engage PR, marketing and business bloggers from around the globe in a discussion about blogging and […]

MyIE2 evolves Maxthon

For the past 9 months or so, I’ve been using an alternative browser to Internet Explorer called MyIE2. While it’s based on IE, it offers some very cool features that have become indispensible now – things like being able to open web pages in tabs rather than new windows, and a good ad popup blocker. […]

Online job boards and spam

One thing I’m pretty convinced about as I embark on my quest for a new career opportunity is that online job boards like Monster or TotalJobs are unlikely to be the route through which I find the next opportunity. My view is validated by an article I saw recently on the Wall Street Journal’s career […]

Global PR Blog Week 1.0

The Global PR Blog Week 1.0 that I mentioned in a post yesterday looks as though it’s been quite a success. With such a wide range of discussion topics and comments, there’s something for everyone who has an interest in blogging as a PR tool.   But discussion topics don’t just include the ones you’d […]

Stardock for a cool-looking PC

I love tweaking the look-and-feel of Windows on my PC. Why stick with the the standard XP look when you can create your own custom look using skins and great tools like WindowBlinds, which I’ve been using for some years. Not that I’ve got anything against Microsoft – I don’t, I think they make great […]

Windows XP SP2 – get it when it’s out

I’ve been beta testing Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) for the past six months. With over 600,000 people involved in this beta programme, SP2 will probably be the most widely tested software program ever. A few days ago, Microsoft released another build (2162) of SP2 beta to testers. This will probably be the final […]

Business Blogs: The Unstoppable Force

I keep dipping back into Global PR Blog Week 1.0. There are some excellent and thought-provoking discussions going on that it’s worth spending time just browsing the website and picking up on topics of interest to comment on.   One of the best pieces is an interview with Robert Scoble at Microsoft by Trevor Cook, […]

New iPod Launched

Apple announced today a new version of the iPod, that oh-so-cool-looking digital music player. Apple certainly has a big corner of the digital music business, with iTunes as the biggest source of legal music downloads. BBC NEWS / Technology / Apple launches longer life iPod Trouble is, though, the music you get from iTunes and […]

Execs are confident, but…

The latest McKinsey Quarterly Global Survey of Business Executives July 2004 of some 5,500 senior corporate leaders around the world shows that executives from a wide range of industries and regions remain broadly positive about the global economy. These executives have curbed their optimism since early this year, but many plan to step up hiring […]

Keeping your anonymity online

While many online newspaper readers are used to the idea of registering to read free content online, some news buffs are supporting and creating sites that help them beat the system with fake or shared login information that helps keep their personal information under wraps. Increasingly, web publishers, and in particular newspaper sites, are demanding […]

Picasa and Hello: a good combination

One week after announcing that it had snapped up Picasa, Google is promoting the acquired company on its home page, encouraging users to “download Picasa from Google” for free. Before the acquisition, Picasa had been selling version 1.6 of its software for $29. See PC World story: – Google Gives Away Digital Photo App […]

This could be me someday

This could be me someday -> How to Sell Anything on EBay…and Make A Fortune! I’m currently reading My Life,’ Bill Clinton’s memoirs. So far, I’m with Bill when he had graduated and went to Washington. It’s all a bit heavy going, to be honest, but broadly enjoyable for a politician’s bio.