Bizarre and yet funny

Bizarre and yet funny, sort of. A ship called the Tricolor sinks in the English Channel in mid December following a collision with another cargo ship. No crew hurt, all rescued safely. A week later, another ship crashes into the wreck in thick fog. The wreck site hadn’t yet been fully marked out to warn shipping, so you could forgive that a bit.

Then, on New Year’s Eve, another ship the Vicky collides with the wreck. This time, though, the wreck was clearly marked with buoys, radio warnings were broadcast every half hour on maritime channels and there was no fog. And, it was pretty well known just about anywhere that there’s this wreck in one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes where some 400 ships pass through every day. News reports say investigators are “focusing on the possibility of human error.” Oh really? As in, the driver didn’t look where he was going?

The wrecked ship was transporting 3,000 luxury limos – Volvos, Saabs, BMWs, etc – to the UK. All now lie at the bottom of the English Channel. Ouch! (If you ordered a customized, factory-built Volvo, Saab or BMW for delivery mid Dec and wonder where it’s got to, now you know…)