Online job boards and spam

One thing I’m pretty convinced about as I embark on my quest for a new career opportunity is that online job boards like Monster or TotalJobs are unlikely to be the route through which I find the next opportunity. My view is validated by an article I saw recently on the Wall Street Journal’s career site which included this comment:

…despite the reach and apparent ease online job searches offer, a surprisingly small proportion of jobs get filled that way. Only 6% of hires for management-level jobs currently occur through any Internet site, compared with 61% for networking.

Nevertheless, job boards should be an essential ingedient in a career search strategy. It’s all to do with timing and opportunity. Recruiters do look at job boards; it could be that the day after you post your CV, a recruiter sees it, and you get a call. I look at such boards as the perfect automated recruitment tool: it’s there 24×7, you don’t need to do anything once you’ve registered (except make sure your info is compelling and up to date) – but don’t rely on it as a primary channel to your market.
There is an unexpected downside, though. Two days ago, I registered on just two job boards and already I’m getting email solicitations offering CV writing services, career counseling, you name it. Spam email has no boundaries!

2 thoughts on “Online job boards and spam

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  2. This comment is a classic example of spam, I think!
    Does it have anything to do with the post subject? Other than the word ‘spam’?
    Stucoburn, correct me if I’ve got this wholly wrong.

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