Blair shooting for 3rd term

British Prime Minister Tony Blair looks confident of getting re-elected for a third term when the next UK general election takes place, very likely within the next 12 months. He is looking very confident these days, confounding his critics – within the Labour Party and elsewhere – who have been clamouring for his resignation in recent weeks in the wake of the report on intelligence failings leading up to the Iraq war and many domestic issues.

Yesterday, he enabled Peter Mandelson, disgraced former Cabinet minister, to be the next Commissioner for the UK at the European Commission in Brussels. That is confidence!

Blair’s currently got a clear run at achieving his goals. There really is no credible alternative in sight to unseat the Labour Party at a general election. The Conservatives? A joke. Even under Michael Howard as new leader, that party just does not have any credibility as a political party that knows what’s going on, never mind clear ideas on how run the country.

Keep going, Tony!