Making a Move to Typepad?

I started a blog on Blog*Spot in December 2002. Trouble was, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. I had a half-hearted attempt at writing some posts that were just ramblings, really, which I did sporadically. Really useful stuff like what the weather’s like in Amsterdam. I made a three-quarter-hearted effort in June 2003 to get moving with it, but that didn’t work either.

In early July 2004, I managed to get properly started. I guess major life change was a factor. My company was acquired in June and my job was eliminated in post-acquisition restructuring. So while I pursue my new full-time job of seeking a new career opportunity, I’m returning to something I used to do a great deal of 10 and more years ago – writing about stuff. I’m now energized about that!

In looking around the blog world over the past few weeks, one thing I’ve noticed more and more is that many of the blogs I’ve started paying attention to are hosted on Typepad. I think Blog*Spot is very good indeed, but I have also started coming up against some major limitations with it in what I want to do with my blog. Things like categorizing content, having lists, trackbacks, etc – none of which you can do on Blog*Sport without some major manual tweaking but all of which you can easily do on Typepad.

So today, I signed up for Typepad taking advantage of the 30-day free trial offer. That will give me plenty of time to decide whether I want to continue here or stick with Blog*Spot. Undoubtedly I’ll have extra work here in maintaining two blogs, but let’s see what happens.

This should be fun!