Doom 3 leaked over p2p networks

Highly-anticipated first-person blast-’em-up Doom 3 has already been released by piracy groups over the internet, according to a report by The Inquirer today. According to an ISO-piracy news site,, the game is available for download over various p2p networks, and gives details on how to install the cracked game.

The Inquirer: Doom 3 leaked over p2p networks

A report on BBC News about the online thievery says that copies of the game on file-sharing networks and newsgroups are being downloaded by thousands of people. The cost to the game’s makers, id Software, could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost sales, the BBC report said. (I’d say more likely millions.)

BBC NEWS / Technology / Long-awaited Doom 3 leaked online

Doom 3 is scheduled to officially go on sale in the US on 3 August.