Microsoft leads corporate blogging

With all the ongoing disussison about corporate blogging – who is, who isn’t and who should be – let’s recognize Microsoft’s lead as the world’s biggest blogging company (probably), meaning the company with the most employees blogging.

Various numbers are flying about, but it’s likely that between 600-700 employees are now blogging publicly. That’s really quite an achievement in such a short time, and clearly illustrates how easy it is to just start blogging. What makes that especially interesting is that it’s a breeze when you have the formal support of the employer.

Some links to MS bloggers:

> From Microsoft Watch: Microsoft Bloggers

> From Microsoft Developer Network:

Most of the MS blogging effort is geek-oriented, as you’d expect. What will make everyone really sit up and pay attention is when MS business leaders like Steve Ballmer, John Connors, Doug Burgum, Jeff Raikes and Orlando Ayala make a start.

No, I didn’t inlcude Bill Gates in this list. Do you think Bill will publicly blog ? I really can’t see it…