Porn blogs ahead of the curve

When I had my blog on BlogSpot, one thing I noticed each time I posted an article and checked in the listing of updated blogs (yep, I used to do that after every post!) was the amazing numbers of blogs with names like ‘sexy Zeta-Jones pics’ or ‘Britney’s secret honeymoon blog’ and similar. Just loads of these blogs that were always being updated. Naturally, out of pure curiosity, I checked a couple of them. Guess what – just thinly-disguised (if that) entries into pay-for commercial porn sites.

A good story from Wired News today on this very topic. What’s interesting is that Wired says the goals of the porn peddlers isn’t just to masquerade blogs to entice unwitting visitors; it’s all to do with manipulating the Google page rankings. Those porn people really do get to the leading edge of marketing.

Read the Wired story – Wired News: Porn Blogs Manipulate Google

By the way, the Wired page has an extremely irritating in-your-face animated banner ad for the University of Phoenix, complete with audio commentary. No way to turn it off. This is very poor behaviour! Remind me not to recommend this university to anyone!