A trip down computing memory lane

Kaypro 2x

Wow, nostalgia! A post on John Dvorak’s Dvorak Uncensored blog commented on a 1965 computer listed in an online computer museum. On taking a look at the site, I came across this Kaypro 2x from 1984, which was the first ‘real’ computer I ever used.

4Mhz Z80A processor, CP/M operating system – this is from pre-MS-DOS days! – two floppy disks and with applications like WordStar for word processing, this was a machine ahead of its time. I did a lot of writing on this machine including the first manuscript for a travel guide on Costa Rica for Fodor. WordStar… now that’s another great story.

Thanks, John, for the pointer down memory lane!

Take a visit: OLD-COMPUTERS.COM : The Museum