An artful start from ChangeThis

I read through The Art of the Start last night, a manifesto I downloaded from the ChangeThis website. ChangeThis, driven by Seth Godin and launched on 13 August, is an interesting concept: a form of media that uses existing tools (like PDF files, blogs and the web) to challenge the way ideas are created and spread.

What’s a manifesto? ChangeThis describes it as an argument, a reasoned, rational call to action, supported by logic and facts. In the case of The Art of the Start, it’s a PDF file that excerpts a book of the same name written by Guy Kawasaki that discusses the five most important things for an entrepreneur to accomplish when starting a venture and how to go about it.

Download the manifesto: ChangeThis :: The Art of the Start

Also, read Jennifer Rice’s Making Mantra, a good description and commentary on her What’s Your Brand Mantra? blog.

ChangeThis has also published a number of other manifestos, all available for download from their website.