RSS on your phone with iFeedYou

I discovered a new (to me) RSS service with a difference. Swiss-based iFeedYou offers access to various RSS webfeeds much as some other web-based RSS services do. Where iFeedYou adds value is that you can also view your RSS webfeeds from your mobile phone (WAP or iMode) or a PDA. Looks interesting.

How does it work? From the FAQ on the website: IfeedYou is a simple way to build your own information portal and stay connected anytime, anywhere with the latest news from your favourite websites whether it is from your PC (at work or at home), from your cell phone during a bus ride or while commuting in the subway or from your PDA in a hotel bedroom.

See iFeedYou for info. Site in French or English. Still in development so some sections a bit empty at the moment. Also, check the iFeedYou blog.

4 thoughts on “RSS on your phone with iFeedYou

  1. Thanx for the good word!
    v2.0 is under development and expected around october! I’ll try to make it more english friendly… Especially the blog which is basically only in french 🙂
    Cheers from Switzerland

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