The BloggerCon un-conference

BloggerCon III, a conference about weblogs, takes place on 6 November at Stanford Law School in Palo Alto, California, USA. If you are keenly interested in blogs, and want to join 250 similar-thinking people and take part in discussions that will influence how blogs develop as a communication medium, this would be an excellent event in which to participate.

From the website FAQ: The focus of BloggerCon is weblogs in journalism, education, science, business and politics. We’re interested in people’s experiences with weblogs, now that they’ve been in use for five or six years, depending on who you ask. This is not a technical visionary venue, nor is it a place for political activism. Our interest is in the use of weblogs. Of course technology and politics are related to the use of weblogs.

BloggerCon is an unusual conference. There are no formal speakers, panels or an audience, but discussions and sessions, and each session has a discussion leader. It’s an un-conference and there is no cost to participate. Think of it as a ‘live blog.’

Needs a good showing by European business bloggers! More info and to register: BloggerCon