JOTW gives a helping hand

Great to see a big public accolade in the Wall Street Journal to Ned Lundquist, a fellow professional business communicator and publisher of the Job of The Week (JOTW) email newsletter for communicators looking for new career opportunities.

JOTW is much more than just a job-search newsletter with job listings, though. There’s a real community surrounding JOTW which has more than 6,700 subscribers. I’ve been a JOTW subscriber for some months and thoroughly enjoy reading each issue – up to 3 a week – as much for its humour, witty commentary and other subscribers’ stories as for its info on new career opportunities.

If you’re a professional communicator looking for the next opportunity, or have an opportunity to advertise, sign up for JOTW.

Read the feature on Ned and JOTW in the Wall Street Journal’s Career pages:

CareerJournal | E-Mail Lists Unite Job Hunters To Provide Support and Leads

See also what Fast Company has to say:

Fast Company| Why does this big idea keep getting bigger?

Fast Company | News of Ned’s network spread by word of mouse!

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