Good review of TypePad

Review in the Chicago Sun Times about TypePad, the service that hosts my blog. If you’re considering using TypePad, or switching to it from another provider, this article will give you a pretty balanced view.

[…] And honestly, if you haven’t thought of yourself as The Blogging Kind, you should reconsider. As a mechanism for publishing information, whether personal opinions or official announcements, nothing’s more efficient than a weblog, or as easy to establish.

You don’t need to set up your own Webserver or create a whole website, either: just visit, ask for a free trial account and you can be publishing inside of 10 minutes. It’s all web-based, so you can post new articles, comments and links from any web browser, and even post text and photos directly from your cameraphone.

Via Micro Persuasion.

Chicago Sun Times | TypePad makes Blogging easy, accessible, distinctive