Browser irritations

Since switching to Firefox some weeks ago, I’ve noticed some things that are beginning to become irritating with it, if not actually downright annoying:

#1: Clicking a link or typing the URL for some specific websites results in a total freeze/hang. I get the page loading text on the tab, the little spinning thingy spins, but everything just feezes with the ‘Not Responding’ text in the title bar. Just specìfic websites, in particular Technorati. Why this is, I have no idea. I then need to click on the top right X or invoke the Task Manager to shut the damn thing down. Naturally, this usually happens when I have 4 or 5 sites open in tabs so the lot closes. I always send the error reports to Microsoft (so, guys, those 280 reports in the past week, they’re all from me).

#2: If I do a page preview prior to printing out a page and then close the preview, the sidebar containing all my bookmarks/favourites doesn’t display; I have to manually get it there again.

I know this is still beta software, but’s it’s still irrritating.

Not only Firefox, though – issues with Maxthon:

#3: For some reason, the banner graphic on my blog doesn’t display in Maxthon.

#4: I just changed the list of blogs on my blog from a normal TypePad typelist to a feed from It’s a piece of normal JavaScript code that fetches the list. It displays in Firefox (and Internet Explorer), yet it doesn’t display in Maxthon!

Maxthon’s still beta, too.

Guess what? The browser where everything works properly is… Internet Explorer. So, say what you like about ‘issues’ with IE, at least it works.

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  1. Thanks Patel_rahul46.
    BESR? Do you mean BEST (T is next to R on the keyboard…)? That’s nice if so! Not familiar with BESR as an acronym. Ball Exit Speed Ratio (baseball)?

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