Political bloggers at Republican convention

The US Republican National Convention (RNC) takes place in New York this week and, as with the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in July, bloggers will be part of the media reporting scene.

At Madison Square Garden in New York, the official blogger group will number about 15, a tiny fraction of the estimated 15,000 journalists expected, and less than half the size of the group who blogged at the DNC (see post). Many journalists and convention delegates also plan to blog from the convention, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Wall Street Journal profiles all 15 official bloggers, with links to their blogs. One – The Command Post – say they have over 120 bloggers worldwide who will be contributing comment and opinion to their blog, with part of their mission to “advance the practice of blogging as open-source citizen journalism.”

Wall Street Journal | Meet the Bloggers, Part Two (subscription required).

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