Bush is no Churchill!

In a ceremony draped in patriotic imagery and dominated by moderate and even liberal figures, the Republican Party opened its convention yesterday by promoting President George W Bush as a leader worthy of comparison with Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan. – report in the Daily Telegraph.

Who are the Republicans and Rudy Giuliani (who is making the comparison) kidding? Comparing George Bush with Winston Churchill is the most ridiculous notion I have ever heard! I can’t speak about any comparison with Ronald Reagan, but there is no comparison between Bush and Churchill. You only have to hear Bush’s speeches to come to this conclusion.

Telegraph | News | ‘Mayor of America’ compares Bush to Churchill

2 thoughts on “Bush is no Churchill!

  1. Amusant 🙂
    On peut plutĂ´t le comparer a M. Been.
    Mais je pense qu’il va bientĂ´t partir, comme d’autres dirigeants europĂ©ens : T. Blair, Belusconi, etc…
    If you don’t mind I’ll post my comments in French ?

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