Windows Media Player 10: Very nice!

Just installed Windows Media Player 10, released by Microsoft today. For Windows XP only.

First impressions: Easy install, very easy to set up (takes already-configured options from Media Player 9, if you had that installed), fresh and updated look, seems to load faster than MP 9. The presentation of various features is very different to MP 9 and takes a bit of navigating around to get to familiar features such as selecting radio stations. But no real problem.

Get Media Play 10 here: Windows Media | Download Center.

With this new version, Microsoft integrates the media player very tightly with MSN Music, the new online music buy-and-download service launched in preview today. This is intended as a rival to Apple’s iTunes service. If you’re outside the US, though, as I am, you can’t access MSN Music yet – it’s currently only available to users within the US.

Good concise review on Bink: | MSN Music site preview