Amsterdam WiFi network roll-out

A follow-up to my post on 31 August re the new WiFi network that’s being established in Amsterdam by HotSpot Amsterdam.

As The Register reported on 2 September, Amsterdam is going to be the first European capital where WiFi will be available almost everywhere, not just in hotels or cafes. Startup Hotspot Amsterdam […] plans to cover all of Amsterdam with just 125 base stations. The first seven base stations are up and running.

I live in the Oud-Zuid part of Amsterdam (that’s just south of the city center and a 2-minute bike ride from the World Trade Center) and earlier this week I emailed HotSpot Amsterdam founder Carl Harper to ask about coverage.

His reply: “We are currently actively rolling out our transmitters and will have coverage in your area. Our initial target area is the 4 inner canals and the Pijp area but as the network grows we will be rolling out to other areas. If you are a property owner or know of people with property particularly high buildings we can spread our network at a significantly faster rate.”

HotSpot Amsterdam

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