Sun to develop enterpise blogging tools

Sun Microsystems plans to include Roller blogging technology as part of its enterprise software, according to an report today.

Roller is server-based weblogging software designed to support multiple simultaneous blog users and visitors.

To kick start this, Sun has hired Dave Johnson, the founder of Roller, to “design, develop, and deploy the primary blogging system for Sun in conjunction with other engineers” and to evangelize blogging both inside and outside the company. | Sun Posts a Blog Expert

This is a smart move as organizations wake up to the significant benefits of blogging as a means to better develop relationships with customers, etc.

When will we see a similar move from vendors in the ERP or CRM space? To my mind, including enterprise blogging capability especially within CRM applications would be such a natural evolution. Keep an eye on vendors like SAP, Siebel, Microsoft Business Solutions,, even IBM and Oracle.