Thesaurus to help write good headlines

With so much information to sift through that comes in via RSS webfeeds, email, you name it, it’s getting so that what you have to do is scan stuff and give time only to what grabs your attention.

And that means fast scan – quickly running your eye down a list of headlines in your RSS reader or email program. So the headline that’s well-written and relevant is crucial to getting your attention.

This is by no means a new revelation but it’s one that’s easy to slip up on, even for writers.

Robert Scoble’s post yesterday on this very subject is a good case in point. If he’s wading through up to 8,000 webfeed news items, what’s going to grab his attention? As he notes, the headline.

Today I came across what could be the salvation for writing good headlines – the Phrase Thesaurus. Just pop in a keyword or two, click, and it generates a long list of phrases. Neat. Single-user annual subscription £28.

Phrase Thesaurus

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