The EU wins on trust

Latest state of public opinion about the European Union, reported by Straight Banana:

80% of EU citizens support the proposed European constitution (see my post last month for more info about the constitution).

On trust and distrust:

Regarding the EU, 41% of citizens trust it, 41% distrust it. Regarding national parliaments, 32% trust their national parliament, 57% distrust it. Regarding national governments, 28% trust their national government, 63% distrust it. And regarding political parties, 14% trust them, 77% distrust them.

So the ratings aren’t great for any level of governance, but the EU does win hands-down on trust.

  • The UK is the most eurosceptic country, though it does not have a majority opinion against membership (29% either way).
  • The UK is the only country to oppose the European constitution.
  • Austria, Sweden and the UK are the only countries with a negative view of the EU.


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