DW qo’: wa’maH ben chen ‘ach wej Doy’

German broadcaster Deutsche Welle has launched a Klingon-language website.

“With its new 31st language, Klingon, DW has expanded its multi-medial offerings beyond our solar system,” the broadcaster says (with a perfectly straight face).

The Klingon-language website includes an introduction to Germany – “Germany is a country located in sector 001 of the planet Earth…” – and its history.


A BBC News report says that Star Trek fans and linguists have taken it very seriously, and the German broadcaster has even been complimented on their use of the ‘High Klingon’ dialect.

BBC News | German radio starts Klingon service

The Klingon site also has information about “The BOBS,” the global blog award competition that Deutsche Welle is promoting (see my earlier post). Doesn’t say whether Klingon is one of the approved languages for the award.

(Translation of this post headline into English: A New World on the Web.)