Blogrolling fatal error

I’ve been using Blogrolling for the past month as the aggregator for my blog links. Great service, no complaints.

Today, though, I noticed that my blogroll wasn’t showing up in my blog, in the left column. Going to the Blogrolling website and trying to log in produced this fatal error message:

Fatal Error

Using a service like Blogrolling is pretty critical and you need the feeling that it’s wholly reliable. I hope they fix whatever the problem is asap, and that ‘fatal’ doesn’t mean fatal.

I now have the first twinge of lack of confidence.

One thought on “Blogrolling fatal error

  1. Saturday, 24 hours on, it looks like things have improved at Blogrolling. The blogroll is appearing, although the load time is too long and slows down overall load time for the blog.
    Quite a few comments posted on the Blogrolling website from others with similar experiences of their blogrolls not showing on their blogs.

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