Create your own RSS webfeed

While RSS is still on my mind today, following my post a few hours ago about RSS and marketing, let me tell you about a free program that will enable you to create your own RSS webfeeds if you wanted to try out RSS yourself.

Try out in the sense of creating as opposed to just reading (my recommendations for great RSS readers are FeedDemon or SharpReader which is free).

Anyway, check out a rather nice RSS webfeed generator from Dan Bricklin, the co-creator of VisiCalc back in the pioneering days of personal computing.

The RSS program is List Garden, published by Software Garden (“Dan Bricklin’s little company”). What List Garden does is –

  • Creates and maintains RSS feeds
  • Produces both XML and optional human-readable companion HTML
  • Runs either on your PC or on a web server
  • Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • Open source
  • Requires no knowledge of XML or the RSS data format
  • Tuned for quick manual additions of new items and simple editing

Excellent help and tutorial. Worth a try if you want to dip your toe in the RSS water.

Software Garden ListGardenā„¢ Program