The next wave in intranet evolution

Shiv Singh asks “What is in store for intranets next? As an intranet manager, what should you be worrying about? How can you create greater business value through your corporate intranet? Is your intranet going to be most impacted by a new technology, a new business idea or something else? Or is it all just about information retrieval?”

Singh – an Experience Manager and Portal Practice Lead with Avenue A/Razorfish – identifies 8 trends that he thinks will give you a hint of what’s coming and how to prepare for the next wave in the intranet evolution:

  1. Intranets return to the domain of the departments
  2. The records management and the legal departments get involved
  3. All employees become intranet publishers
  4. The corporate telephone directory loses its luster
  5. The new killer app – the knowledge management tool
  6. Real time information delivery becomes a priority
  7. Information retrieval remains unsolved but there’s hope
  8. Employees demand a more aesthetic user experience

Detailed commentary in Singh’s article at Line56 | Intranet Trends to Watch For

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