Difficulty in commenting on Blogger blogs

I find it really irritating that if I want to leave a comment on someone’s blog, and that blog is hosted on Blogger, I’m presented with a log in dialog before I can comment.

If I have a Blogger blog, then I log in. If I don’t, I can’t leave a comment, or I have to sign up for a Blogger blog first.

I don’t like this! Blogger, if you’re listening, why are you making things so difficult?

End of mini rant.

5 thoughts on “Difficulty in commenting on Blogger blogs

  1. I’ll post to you what I posted to Elizabeth Albrycht – http://ringblog.typepad.com/corporatepr/
    I agree with you, but am sticking with Blogger. I did turn on anonymous posting, though, and hope that doesn’t stop you from reading my blog. And, please comment!!
    I had Halsocan, but I was having problems with it, and when Blogger came out with their tools, I just gave in to the Google behemoth.

  2. Thanks Jeremy.
    I just find it irritating. I used to have a blog on Blogspot before I moved to TypePad in July. The commenting thing was one of the reasons why I moved.
    Maybe I’m too impatient, but I don’t want to jump through such hoops to leave a comment on someone’s blog.
    Click-type-click: that’s what I need!

  3. Geez! Well, part of why I stay is that I have seen others switch from Blogger to Typepad, and it looked like it was one painful transition.

  4. When you have 100s of blogs to read, jumping through an extra hoop to comment just isn’t worth it. Therefore, I just end up moving on. And I like to comment!
    Making things harder for your readers is not what you want to do. But you know my opinion on that already, Jeremy!

  5. Jeremy, I switched from Blogspot to TypePad in July. Wholly painless transition. My biggest worry was being able to import all Blogspot posts into the new TypePad blog.
    Excellent instructions from TypePad and it worked perfectly, retaining formatting, etc, as well.
    Elizabeth, I agree wholeheartedly with you. Irritating hoops like Blogger’s unfortunately mean move on! For me, commenting is often very spontaneous, so if I have issues like this, the moment is lost.
    Sometimes I’ve emailed the blogger, but that’s not how to do such things – that’s not the open conversational relationship to develop.

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