Great communication, Blogrolling – not!

While my Blogrolling blogroll seems to be working ok today (unlike over the weekend – see post), I see from the comments in the breaking news page on their website that there are an increaing number of very unhappy users, especially those who have taken up the paid Blogrolling service.

What’s driving the unhappiness seems to be the complete lack of response by Blogrolling to users’ requests for info on what’s going on with the service.

If the lack of communication continues – any communication, even if it’s not good news – I would expect to see the beginnings of a customer exodus.

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2 thoughts on “Great communication, Blogrolling – not!

  1. Octavio, it looks like they finally fixed the problems – and actually communicated some information about what was going on! See my later post.
    You mention Bloglines. Is that what you mean? The problems were with Blogrolling. Unless something’s up with Bloglines?

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