How to get your blog noticed: 3-step alt method

Robert Scoble’s post yesterday on How your blog will get discovered provides some helpful tips on what you should do with pinging, Technorati, etc. Then there’s Shelley Powers rejoinder This is Wrong on Oh So Many Levels that provides some extremely sensible advice focusing on content and actual writing.

Bloggers, pay no attention to such misguided views! I now know the real secret!

Here’s the 3-step simple procedure on what you have to do to get your blog well onto the radar screens of other bloggers and anyone else of influence:

  1. Publish a stupid humourless ridiculous funny cartoon – ideally, one about if pets could blog – on your blog that gets the attention of Robert Scoble. Yes, you guessed it: he’s key to the success of my cunning plan, Cap’n Blackadder!
  2. Robert sees the cartoon, has a good laugh, and posts a link to it in the Scoble link blog! If he thinks it’s hugely funny, he may also post it in the actual Scobleizer! If you get the twin hits, you’re on your way to Notice Nirvana.
  3. Next, fire up your blog stats page on your hosting service – the page that tells you hits and referrers – and watch the traffic roar in faster than Michael Schumacher with Rubens Barrachello up his tail pipe. You don’t have to wait at all: the instant that the Scoble and Scobleizer RSS feeds go out, you get the hits.

Then sit back, relax, and bask in the rosy glow of knowing that you have helped the great social levelling process that is what blogs are all about, as clearly everyone in the whole world has exactly the same sense of humour about cats and dogs who blog. Why would you get so much traffic otherwise, eh?

Unless Robert gets truly muzzled by Microsoft, this foolproof plan has no downside! Guaranteed to work! Trust me.

The mirror to this – not getting noticed by anybody at all – would, of course, be doing what Brent Charbonneau suggests.

4 thoughts on “How to get your blog noticed: 3-step alt method

  1. Or, get mentioned in just ONE woman’s blog…and the whole world will learn about you. As we say at Lip-sticking, “Women talk…if they’re talking about you, you’d better check out their blogs to find out what they’re saying. With a 90% influence factor in shopping, especially online, women carry a lot of weight.” Cool blog, which I learned about at Diva Marketing, a woman’s blog, by the way.

  2. Yvonne, thanks for pointing that out. I agree with you, so I’ve just added Lip-Sticking to my blogroll.
    That’s a vibrant blog. Deserves attention; I plan to take a proper look during my next blog tour where I devote a couple of hours once a week just looking around to see what’s happening in blogs and websites I probably wouldn’t get to know about otherwise.

  3. I get the same five or six people all the time. Not enough to start a fan club or anything, but I still get the warm fuzzies whenever I see a new comment.

  4. Interesting concepts lol. Hopefully I will develop something interesting to write about then perhaps this could be useful information for me.

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