Amazon delivers with Star Wars DVD

Star Wars trilogyAs always, delivers (pun intended) and exceeds expectations.

This morning, I received delivery of the Star Wars DVD box set. That’s great in itself (so no guesses on what I’m going to be spending time on tonight, no matter what!)

My expectation was exceeded primarily because the package arrived much earlier than I expected. The official release date for the box set was yesterday (in the UK) and today (in the US and Canada) as I mentioned in an earlier post.

I got an email from Amazon on Saturday night (one of those always-excellent customer relationship emails that start “We thought you’d like to know…”) to tell me that my order had been shipped. So today’s arrival just through normal mail is very speedy as I’m in The Netherlands. One thing I will always say about Amazon – in my experience, they have got everything right.

So, North American Star Wars fans, your expectations look like being exceeded as well, especially if you ordered from Amazon.

I noticed in the packaging that the delivery receipt was dated 14 September. So Amazon has been preparing shipments for about a week. Now all this early shipment activity looks like a pre-emptive marketing strike by Lucasfilm.

Slashdot quotes a CNN report that George Lucas is releasing the Star Wars DVD box set early on 21 September in the US due to piracy concerns.

Slashdot | Star Wars DVD Box Set Released

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