Windows XP SP2 CD is everywhere

Windows XP

On a visit to my neighbourhood news store this morning, I noticed that the rack with all the computer magazines is chock full of mags sporting a cover-mounted Windows XP SP2 upgrade CD.

What’s interesting about this is that these magazines aren’t just from The Netherlands – in addition, there are mags from Germany, France, Belgium and UK. (One of the great things about living here is you encounter great stuff from all over Europe in the shops all over Amsterdam.) Mags from the US, too, but not yet the latest editions. I noticed the XP SP2 CD was with the November editions of many of those European magazines.

So, Microsoft have got the distribution channel well and truly extended in Europe for this upgrade.

The not-so-good news, perhaps, is if you use the CD to upgrade your current XP installation rather than the online upgrade through Windows Update, you’ll still need to use Windows Update after the installation to get the SP2 security patch that Microsoft just announced.

ZDNet has the story: Microsoft issues SP2 patch