Pinging Technorati with TypePad

Letting blog tracking services know when your blog is updated is one of the means of helping raise awareness of your blog and letting the world know you have new content. The automatic way of doing this is through pinging (definition).

If you’re a TypePad user like me, your blog will automatically ping and every time you publish a post. Technorati – which tracks 4,008,956 blogs as of this morning – is not pinged.

TypePad doesn’t currently support automatic pinging to Technorati. So to ensure Technorati is pinged when you publish a post, you need to set up a ping yourself each time you create a post. This applies to TypePad Basic and TypePad Plus accounts; if you have a TypePad Pro account, check your settings as you have Moveable Type-compatible blog template sets with full HTML editing control.

Here’s how to ping Technorati:

  1. Log in to TypePad, Your Weblogs and click on the Post link next to the blog you want to post from. This will open a new post editing window. (Path to this: TypePad Home > Your Weblogs > blog name > Post > New Post.)
  2. In the Compose New Post editor, create your post content.
  3. When you’re done, scroll down the page to the box ‘Send a trackback to these addresses’.
  4. In that box, add the following text –
  5. Publish your post, either immediately, or (if you have a TypePad Plus or TypePad Pro account) at a future time.

That’s it!

A third-party service to consider using is Ping-o-Matic that lets you set up pings to 14 services including those mentioned above. You have to do it manually, though, each time. There’s a good article on how to use it on Wayne Hurlbert’s Blog Business World.

(Written with BlogJet 1.1.0 build 20 and manually published live from TypePad.)

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  1. This is great information to share with your readers.
    Not everyone remembers to ping their blogs, and for inclusion of all posts in the various blog indexes and RSS feeds, it’s necessary.
    Ping those blogs! Ping those blogs!

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