Plazes: Next generation social software

Following my post yesterday about metroblogging, I was discussing the concept with a friend last night and how we could get an Amsterdam city blog going. During our chat he told me about Plazes.

Plazes is a web service offering information on people and places based on your location. It is the first service of its kind, according to the people behind it (the website says they are Felix Petersen and Stefan Kellner in Cologne, Germany).

The Plazes website says the service is the first global location-aware interaction and geo-information system, connecting you with the people and Plazes in your area and all over the world. They say it’s next-generation social software.

That’s a good descriptor. I’d say it’s a new kind of social network system, an enabler that gives you another means to develop your own social network. It’s still in beta and you can see how things are going in the Plazes blog.

I can see potential privacy issues with such a service but there’s lengthy commentary on Plazes’ website about that.

Looks interesting.

(Written with ecto and directly published live.)