Blogs catching on for recruiters and job seekers

According to a Wall Street Journal report yesterday, some career experts now predict that blogs could become the next wave in electronic recruiting, following job boards and corporate career sites.

In short, blogs could become a new way for recruiters to identify candidates and for job seekers to gain a clearer picture of a company’s culture on a day-to-day basis.

Wall Street Journal | Blogs Catch On as Online Tool For Job Seekers and Recruiters

(Via Heather’s Marketing at Microsoft)

2 thoughts on “Blogs catching on for recruiters and job seekers

  1. Job seekers using blogs to gain a clearer picture of a firm’s culture will definitely affect the HR department. It will bring an element of candidate self service to the HR function with regard to background reading. You would think that ultimately firms would get better targeted job applications too.
    Firms definitely need to put mote attention into the image they portray through static and often out of date websites. I often take calls from journalists who have ‘researched’ my client beforehand, when in fact the research they have compiled consists of out of date website information. It’s not only an issue affecting recruitment.

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