Fly biz class on Air France, get a free iPod mini

iPod mini
Air France has a new promotion where they’re giving away free iPod minis to people who fly business class to Europe [from the US] between now and January 15th, but before you get any ideas about picking up your new toy at the airport lounge they won’t actually be sending you your free iPod mini until six to ten weeks after you finish your trip.

From Engadget.

I blogged this news item straight out of Feed Demon 1.5 beta 1 RSS reader, released yesterday. Works like a charm. Clicked on ‘Blog this news item,’ got it into ecto, spent a minute or so changing the layout a bit to fit with my blog design/layout, added a couple of links, then published live. Total time: less than 3 minutes. Perfect for quick blogging from items you spot in your RSS webfeed.