CEO podcasting

Now here’s an extremely interesting idea from Rex Hammock, speaking about a concept called ‘podcasting’ which involves an audio recording that’s posted to a website (not necessarily a blog) that you then listen to online or download and listen to it on your iPod or other such device:

I can see a much quicker adoption timeline for CEO podcasting than CEO blogging. Stick a microphone in front of a CEO and say, "What would you like to tell your employees today?" and you’ll get a much quicker buy-in than sitting a keyboard in front of them and saying, "blog a message for the world to read."

A word of warning to corporate communicator-types: Don’t script it for the CEO…with "podcasting" voice is not a metaphor for writing in a conversational, believable fashion. Voice is actually voice.

Interesting development to watch, or should I say, listen for.

Rex is a CEO so you’re hearing this from the horse’s mouth. Read his complete post and get a better definition of ‘podcasting.’

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