US PR association ignores blogging

If professional associations that represent communicators still don’t get it, it’s hardly surprising that there continue to be so many heads in the sand regarding blogging and other ‘new’ technologies that are of direct relevance to organizational communication.

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) – the world’s largest professional organization for PR practitioners, according to their website – has its annual conference in New York later this month. Business Blog Consulting reports that in the 56-page conference brochure, there’s not one single mention of blogging:

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’d know that blogging has certainly become a viable part of the marketing mix and one PR people can no longer afford to ignore. The industry’s trade organization has an obligation to keep up with developments in the field, not just to cover tired PR tactics.

Business Blog Consulting | Public Relations Society of America Conference Ignores Blogging

I heartily agree. See my advocacy post last week on why I believe PR practitioners and others in the communication profession need to wake up very quickly, before it’s too late.

8 thoughts on “US PR association ignores blogging

  1. It’s like the old debats between old and new economy.
    Blogging is new economy, with new business model.
    The old PR agencies should build something totaly different.
    Too risky !
    Most of the CEOs are around 50 years old ?

  2. Similar argument indeed, Laurent: old vs. new.
    Not sure CEO age is the issue – I know a few PR CEOs who are a lot younger than 50 who still haven’t got it.
    Whatever the issue, time is not on PR’s side to get with the programme.

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  4. PRSA ignores blogging, what chance do we have in I

    (PRSA) is going to have its annual conference in New York end-October 2004. According to this blog, they do not have a single mention about blogging in their 56-page brochure!
    And now imagine me trying to impress upon the PR bigwigs in India that …

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    Meanwhile do a Google search for the phrase “weblog definition”. That will give you some good pointers to info.

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