Business 2.0 experiments

Business 2.0 Oct coverBusiness 2.0 has placed the complete content of its October issue online, for free access.

The magazine says this open access is an experiment as they try out a new technology. So, don’t assume the magazine will be freely online after October.

I assume their tech experiment is to do with a new online delivery method (but should one ever assume?). I like this web-based method where you just use your browser to read on your screen: far better and simpler than the concept used by Zinio, say, which requires a proprietary reader program and gives you in effect a facsimile (original meaning of this word) of the print publication, complete with animated page-turning, etc.

I subscribe to PC World print edition and, last year, also tried out the Zinio-based version. I just didn’t like it. But if it had been available in something like Business 2.0’s format with access by a web browser, I would have had a different view (and probably continued my paid subscription to an e-edition).

Whatever Business 2.0’s experiment is, I’m enjoying reading (and crash-testing) the October edition. Thanks, Business 2.0!

(Via Om Malik.)

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