Do terrorists blog?

From a BBC News report yesterday:

The capture of alleged al-Qaeda computer expert Mohamed Naem Noor Khan by the Pakistani authorities in July brought with it an unprecedented haul of high-tech intelligence.

Speaking in London last month, America’s homeland security chief Tom Ridge said the volume of potential information was “the largest we’ve ever seen – I mean potentially millions and millions of pages of information”, and revealed that intelligence officers had yet to decipher it all.

Communications have always been an essential part of al-Qaeda’s strategy, but the internet and email have become even more important in recent years.

Got me thinking – do terrorists blog? A quick A9/Google search for “al Qaeda blog” turns up loads of blogs discussing al Qaeda, but no actual al Qaeda blogs. Except for a Brazilian al Qaeda blog (a spoof, surely) that hasn’t been updated since last year.

I can’t see how any ‘terrorist blog’ can escape being indexed by any search engine. So maybe there really aren’t any. Even a search for “Osama bin Laden blog” didn’t turn up anything, except for the osama’s bin bloggin humour blog (not updated since 2002).

Now a bin Laden blog would add a bit of a twist to the concept of CEO blogging

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