Six Apart gets more VC funding

The future is looking rosy for Six Apart, the company behind the TypePad blog hosting service (the one I use) and the Movable Type blog publishing platform.

Business 2.0 journalist Om Malik published an exclusive announcement on his blog yesterday stating that Six Apart is about to secure more venture funding in their series B round, with the lead investor said to be August Capital. In his post, Malik said the amount of money raised is still under a shroud, though it could be well over $5 million.

Om Malik on Broadband | Six Apart finds a pot full of VC Dollars

Recently, Six Apart launched new TypePad services in Belgium and The Netherlands, bringing to five the total number of European countries in which localized TypePad services are now available (see my post earlier this week).

In early September, Six Apart announced a new collaborative partnership with Nokia to combine capabilities from TypePad with Nokia’s Lifeblog, an application that lets people keep a multimedia diary of the items collected with mobile phones (see Six Apart’s press release).

Update 8 October: Six Apart announced yesterday that it has received $10 Million in Series B funding from August Capital. See press release.

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  1. Yes, I’m a big TypePad fan as well. Very pleased with their service so far.
    As for business model and paid vs. free, well, I expect your fellow blogger in France, Loïc le Meur (he of Six Apart), would be able to easily provide the USPs 🙂

  2. Good Things happen to Good People

    Six Apart, the creators of Movable Type and TypePad have created a lot of value, not only in their products, but also in their way of doing business and in sharing their thoughts and experiences along the way. Thanks and

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