Coming Soon: Blog conference for PR/Marcom professionals – New Communications Forum 2005

If you are considering starting a corporate blog, want to learn how to maximize your current blog, or simply want to learn more about how blogging and other new communications tools such as wikis and RSS newsfeeds are becoming crucial for your communications toolkit, we’ve got a conference for you.

There is growing demand for a conference on corporate blogging, as is evidenced by the PRSA’s recently realization and last-minute addition of a session on blogging at its annual conference next week. While one-time webinars and sole conference sessions are important steps, they simply do not provide enough in-depth education on the strategic issues and successful tactical implementation of these new communications tools.

So, Elizabeth Albrycht and Guillaume du Gardier have decided to launch New Communications Forum 2005 – a full, robust conference specifically designed by and for PR and marketing communications professionals to address this need. In the coming days, you will be hearing a lot more about this conference and how to register.

In the meantime, here are some initial details.

New Communications Forum 2005 will be held in two venues within weeks of each other:

  • NewComm Forum Americas West 2005 will be held in the US near Silicon Valley in late January.
  • NewComm Forum Europe 2005 will be held in early February in Paris.

New Communications Forum 2005 will consist of an in-depth, two-day intensive workshop for senior communications professionals, taught by experienced PR and marketing professionals, who are also successful bloggers. The event will also feature practitioner panels, keynote addresses, and a hands-on demo area. Our goal is for attendees to leave the conference confident they can not only start blogging immediately, but also convince their corporations and/or clients that they should blog as well.

Some of our blog buddies may have already heard from Elizabeth and Guillaume, with a request for them to be instructors or panelists (I’ve had the call and will be participating). If you haven’t heard from them yet, you probably will soon. Or just drop them a line nominating yourself.

If you are interested in being notified when the event is officially launched, visit Elizabeth or Guillaume and add your name and email address in the comments section in the posts announcing New Communications Forum 2005. Or email them.

In a world of increasing transparency, PR and marketing people need to understand the potential of new communication tools like blogs, wikis, and RSS feeds, even if they aren’t practicing bloggers themselves, as it is affecting the overall world of media and journalism. This will be a great opportunity to gain that foundational knowledge.

Stay tuned!

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