PeopleSoft CEO: We’re not for sale

Dave Duffield, the founder and new CEO of PeopleSoft, issued a memo to employees this week dispelling any rumors that he has returned to broker a deal with Oracle CEO Larry Ellison in one of the more memorable hostile takeover bids in recent history, reports.

“I didn’t come back here to sell to Oracle,” Duffield said in a memo obtained. “Rather, I’m here to beat Oracle in the marketplace, increase our revenues, re-energize our employees, and deliver greater long-term value to our shareholders.”

Duffield continued that the key to preventing a sale to Oracle from happening is to show some good sales numbers of its own as the company ramps up its year-end accounts. The task, Duffield said, can be done with improved products, new offerings, and “outrageous” customer service. Duffield also pointed to a soon-to-be announced, five-year vision he believes will keep the company separate from Oracle. | PeopleSoft: “We’re not for sale”

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