Business blogging: It just makes sense

If you want more hard evidence of how real-world companies are gaining business benefit from blogs, look no further than the experience of Clip-n-Seal.

Christopher Carfi, CEO of Cerado, Inc, posted a great interview with Scott Benish, Brand Manager for Clip-n-Seal, on his blog.

Just two of the Q&A will make you want to read the whole interview:

Christopher Carfi, Cerado: Why did Clip-n-Seal decide to embrace blogs?

Scott Benish, Clip-n-Seal: For us, it was a no-brainer. We’re bloggers by nature, and we were blogging even before Clip-n-Seal. So when we brought Clip-n-Seal to market it just make sense to blog about it and tell our friends (many of whom have their own blogs) about it.

At the same time, being involved with blogs, we realized the power and potential of tapping in to blogs as a way of spreading the word about our product. So we embraced blogs because we were bloggers, but we also knew it made good business sense to embrace this community and utilize this burgeoning communication channel.

and –

CC: Are there any other things that you would suggest to other organizations that are considering blogging as a part of their business?

SB: Well, there are a lot of things. More than can be reasonably covered here. Like most things, it’s way more complex than it seems from the outside.

The biggest thing is probably that it’s unlike any other medium and you really have to know your audience and tread lightly. It’s a fickle, critical audience and if you are clearly there just to make a quick buck or shill some lame product people will see that and they will tell the world. If you make a lame TV ad, no one hears the groans – but if you make a misstep in the blogosphere you’ll get called on it and could end up doing more harm than good.

Do these guys get it, or what?!

Christopher Carfi | Interview: How One Manufacturer Uses Blogs To Interact With The Social Customer

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