One more tool in your marketing toolbox

Charlene Li at industry analysts Forrester Research has some sound advice from Bill Flitter, VP of Marketing at Pheedo, on successful blog best practice:

  1. Focus on your core interest area to establish yourself as an expert.
  2. Create at least 15-20 meaningful posts BEFORE you open your blog to the public. When people visit for the first time, you’ll have more then one post to share with them. If your blog is rich with information, most likely people will continue to read it.
  3. Figure out who the a-list bloggers are in your niche and participate on their blog using comments and trackbacks. Links to your blog, outside your blog and within in your blog are all important to search engines.
  4. Continue to write on target content.

The biggest challenge most companies have is keeping the blog current. What I always suggest is you must look at it as a prospecting/networking tool that needs to be included in your marketing mix. It is just one more tool in your marketing toolbox.

Charlene Li | Pheedo’s blogging best practices

Charlene’s blog has been up and running since September. She’s already demonstrating one of the key success metrics of a blog: content that’s worth reading and, hence, going back to the blog again.

Definitely a blog worth paying attention to.