Get your bookmarks into Firefox

If you have a bookmark/favorites collection in the excellent online social bookmarks manager, and you use the Firefox browser, here’s a very neat Firefox extension that enables you to integrate your collection into your Firefox bookmarks.

Dietrich Ayala| Foxylicious – Firefox and bookmark integration

Thanks to Robin Good for the news. Additional information on his blog: How To Backup Social Bookmarks: Gets Foxy.

Speaking of bookmarks, one thing on my “I wish I could do…” list is for a means to enable my Firefox bookmarks to be listed in the Favorites link from the Start menu in Windows XP.

I’d like to know how Firefox’s bookmarks, all contained in a single HTML file, can be accessed from the Favorites menu item. Internet Explorer (and other IE-based browsers like Maxthon) make use of the Favorites menu to access web links, each of which is an individual ‘internet shortcut’ file with the .url extension.

Can it be done?

One thought on “Get your bookmarks into Firefox

  1. I haven’t found a way to use the Firefox bookmark file directly for this, but you can put a shortcut to the bookmark file on the Start menu (or quicklaunch or wherever you’d like, obviously). Opening that will make Firefox open the bookmarks as a set of links which you can navigate with.
    There is one thing you can do, though, which has the benefit (or disadvantage, depending on your perspective) of syncing the IE Favorites with the FF Bookmarks, which is simply to export your bookmarks from FF into a temporary file, import that file into IE (and deleting any Favorites that existed before the import).
    Obviously this will force the Favorites on the Start menu to match your Firefox Bookmarks.
    The obvious disadvantage is that you have to go through that little process whenever you add a bookmark, although just doing it once in a while is probably fine for most people.

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