Desktop widget for US elections tracking

With desktop widgets still on my mind – see my post last week about DesktopX and Konfabulator – I came across a rather neat and timely one that might be of interest to my US friends in particular.

Political MeterHere’s Political Meter, a Windows desktop widget that will monitor the predicted outcome of the US elections for you. Automatically updates once a day.

Needs DesktopX installed.

I’m assuming it will work outside the US as well, and not get blocked like the President Bush blocked website (for security reasons, says a BBC report today).

One thought on “Desktop widget for US elections tracking

  1. Neville, the political meter is from, which provides extensive daily analysis about the latest polling in the US. A must read for political junkies.
    What’s interesting is their focus on state-by-state polls, which is where the contest will be decided. The “national” polls that are widely reported here in Europe are, in the end, irrelevant. — Allan

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