Seeking the next challenge

Well, it’s official. I’m openly on the job search market.

I’ve now completed my exit from my employer, Scala Business Solutions, a Tier 2 enterprise software vendor headquartered in Amsterdam. For the past five years, I’ve been VP Corporate Communication here. Five challenging and great years.

Scala was acquired in June by Epicor Software Corporation of the US. Four months on from the closure of the deal, things are looking good for Epicor going forward with strong results reported in Q3: the first complete quarter as a combined company.

I wish Epicor well, and to all my Scala colleagues around the world – make it all happen, guys!

I’m actively on the market now, seeking the next opportunity in my career. A few weeks ago, I posted commentary on using blogs as part of job search strategies, both from the recruiter’s and job searcher’s viewpoints. So with this post, an updated About page and a new Career Profile page, I’m making a start in putting my money where my mouth is.

What will the next opportunity be? It could be consulting, independent project work, a new job, or even something completely different and/or non-traditional. Physical or virtual, or a combination of the two. While I’m not fixed on any specific industry area or geography, I am especially keen to find opportunities with interesting high technology companies or in consultancy that’s focused on the high-tech area.

If you’re looking for an experienced business communicator with a truly international perspective who can strategize with the CEO on a Monday, be out in the field listening to the sales and marketing organization on a Tuesday, and apply a roll-up-your-sleeves approach to actually getting things done on a Wednesday – plenty of other things to make happen during the rest of the week – I could be your man.

If you would like to talk, I’m willing at any time (I’m in Amsterdam, Central European time zone). See my Profile page for more information and contact details.

Just some parameters. If you want safe and traditional command-and-control, let’s not talk. If you need fresh thinking to help you succeed with your business goals, let’s do talk.

Update 11 November: I’ve decided to strike out on my own as an independent communication practitioner. There is so much going on in the tech sector that interests me, so I want to see how I can get involved with some dynamic people and work with them on some interesting projects.

A big driver for this decision – I picked up my first client last week. I’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement; all I can say here is that it’s a start-up in the tech sector and the web will play a prominent role in their new offering when it launches next year.

Let’s see how independence goes over the next couple of quarters at least. I have a couple more irons in the fire, and things are looking very interesting.

My current status will always be reflected in my career profile on this blog.

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  1. Indeed, good luck. I’m sure it won’t be long before we’re reading a post of yours extolling yet another developing use for blogging technology – finding oneself employment!

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