Sun interviews Tony Perkins on blogging

Reverse-interview: Tony Perkins (founder and editor Red Herring, and founder and chief editor Always On Network) interviewed about business blogging by Sun Microsystems:

Blogs are one of today’s hottest and most widely available technologies. They affect elections, create instant celebrities, generate scandals, and open amazing potential for open communication. As a business executive, you should be all over this technology.

Not a bad article, in Q&A format, with not too much weaved-in commentary about Sun (so it’s not really an advertorial, then). While there’s nothing ground-breaking in it – it covers points about blogs and how they are of value that have been widely published already in other media – it’s good to see yet another reinforcing piece about the business benefits of blogging.

To read the article, you’ll need to a) join Always On, and b) register to join the new Sun keiretsu.

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