Community editing your CV with a wiki

As everyone knows, having an effective CV (résumé, in American) is a prerequisite when you embark on a new career search.

Yet it’s not always easy to produce a good CV, in spite of great inputs from friends, colleagues and others who willingly give of their time and experiences to help.

Today I found out about the ResumeWiki, launched just three days ago by biz-tech blogger Jeremy Wright:

ResumeWiki is a community edited resume centre. You post your profile (goals, etc) and resume the community of peers will give you comments and possible edits. It is about harnessing the power of lots of eyes to help you get your job. It is kind of like Open Source’ing your resume. Less bugs, more potential, less work for the individual (you).

Beyond editing and commenting on your resume, ResumeWiki is also a ResumeWriting and JobHunting resource, with pages like the Recruiting Blogs list, tips on ResumeWriting, JobHunting tips and a ResourceDirectory which includes a list of more than 30 corporate job hunting sites.

What a great resource! So I’m participating with the idea that any input can only be helpful. I’ll do my bit as well to help others who participate.

So if any of my blogging buddies would like to add their 10-cents-worth of comment and opinion to my CV, as well as any of the others there, please head on over to the ResumeWiki.