Nice package for photo shows

During the weekend, I was playing with Photo Story 3 which Microsoft released last week.

You can create animated slideshows from your digital photos, optionally adding a commentary and/or music. It’s dead easy to use. I created a very simple show from a single photo (an Amsterdam canal scene) with music following the example walk-through on the Photo Story site. The whole thing took about 10 minutes. The resulting file is small enough to email.

Photo Story 3 is free. Nice one, Microsoft. Windows XP only and requires Media Player 10.

When you download the program, you’ll first have to validate whether your Windows installation is legitimate or not (I posted about this new procedure in September), part of a process Microsoft calls the Genuine Windows Advantage. No worries if your Windows is legit.

By the way, re Media Player 10, I had a slight dilemma as I’d uninstalled it after my irritations with it some weeks ago. Simple to resolve – install it again so I can use Photo Story 3, and use Winamp to listen to internet radio. I last used Winamp about three years ago, and it has really advanced in that time. Worth looking at again.